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Buckinghamshire Bowls Association

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Last updated 07/02/2022               

Association Regulation No 131: League Bowls Rules

1 General

1.1 These Rules are in addition to the Competition Rules.

1.2 The league shall be known as the Ray Keen Association League.

1.3 The objective of the League is to encourage competitive bowling within the County

and to raise the skill level within Clubs, thus contributing to the overall standard of bowling.

1.4 A League Manager shall be appointed at a General Meeting and who shall

administer all aspects of the League.

1.5 Affiliated Clubs or their affiliated members of either gender shall be eligible to

enter a team.

1.6 Affiliated Clubs may enter more than one team.

1.7 Affiliated Clubs or their affiliated members wishing to enter a team for the next

year shall pay an entry fee, as determined by the Executive Committee, to the League Manager by 1st February each year.

1.8 The number of Leagues shall be dependent upon the number of entries.

1.9 The number of divisions in each league shall not be limited.

1.10 Teams from each League shall be sorted into divisions. Each division shall have a

maximum of six teams. New teams joining the league shall join the lowest division

in the appropriate league.

1.11 Under normal circumstances one team shall be promoted and one team relegated

from each Division annually. However, the League Manager shall have the power

to reconstruct each League should the number of teams entering or withdrawing

from the League change radically.

1.12 Prize monies and a Framed Certificate shall be awarded to each Division winner

which shall be presented at the appropriate Association’s Presentation Dinner. For

non-attendees these will be available for collection from the League Manager.

1.13 League winners shall be paid any prize monies through the appropriate Club


1.14 The Executive Committee shall approve any changes to these rules.

1.15 The League Manager shall resolve all questions, issues and disputes not covered by

these Rules subject to the overriding authority of the Executive Committee.

1.16 Any team affected by a decision may appeal to the Administrator in writing or by e-


2 League Rules

2.1 The Leagues shall be played under the Laws of the Sport, except where defined


2.2 Teams in each division shall play each other twice in a season, once at home and

once away. This can be changed to three times in a season if a league has less than

five clubs.

2.3 Each team shall be represented by one rink.

2.4 A player shall not play for another team in the same season.

2.5 If a league team plays a player who has played for another team in the same season,

three points and ten shots shall be awarded to the opposing team.

2.6 The home rink shall be responsible for any green fees.

2.7 The home rink shall have choice of rink and the ‘starred greens’ rule shall not


2.8 If a team is not ready to play within 15 minutes of the scheduled starting time then

the opposing team shall be awarded 5 shots. If a team is not ready to play within 30

minutes of the scheduled starting time then 3 points and 10 shots shall be awarded

to the opposing team.

2.9 If a team is one player short they may play a 3.3.2 format and lose 25% of their


2.10 The match shall normally be played over 18 ends or 2 hours and 15 minutes play

with the final jack being cast 2 hours and 10 minutes after the start of play.

However, the full 18 ends may be played if both teams agree prior to the start of the


2.11 There shall be no trial ends.

2.12 Teams shall not play 3's up and Skips shall not visit the head.

2.13 In the event of a killed end, two shots shall be awarded to the opposing team.

2.14 If a match has been curtailed by bad light or weather and a minimum of ten ends

have been played the score on the last completed end shall count. If ten ends have

not been completed one point and ten shots shall be awarded to each rink.

2.15 No fixtures shall be cancelled:

2.15.1 Within two weeks of the play-by date. The defaulting team must

either play Rule 2.9 or concede the match;

2.15.2 Outside of this period without the permission of the League Manager;

2.15.3 If permission is granted, the non-defaulting team shall offer three dates

within 14 days, all of which must be before the last match day of the season. The

defaulting team shall accept one of those dates within three days. If none of the

offered dates are acceptable to the defaulting team, three points and ten shots shall

be awarded to the non-defaulting team.

2.16 Points to be awarded in each match:

2.16.1 Three points to the winning team.

2.16.2 One point to each team in the event of a tie.

2.17 The position in the league shall be determined by points and if a tie, by shot

difference. If the shot difference is also equal then the results of the matches

between the teams involved shall be the deciding factor.

2.18 The matches shall be played on a Wednesday evening with the exact dates to be

notified in the Events Diary. All outstanding Matches must be completed before the

last League play-on date.

2.19 Home and away dates may be reversed and the League Manager shall be informed.

2.20 If a green is unfit for play the match shall be rescheduled and the League Manager


2.21 In the event of a match not being played by the date and time allocated, one point

and ten shots shall be awarded to each team unless the fixture has been rescheduled

and agreed by the League Manager.

2.22 Both teams shall email the result of the match to the League Manager by 10.00pm the same evening.

All Teams shall ensure that their own scorecards are kept until Finals Day and must be produced if requested.

2.23 The League Manager shall determine the latest start time of the match when

sending out the fixtures.

2.24 If a team withdraws from the league not having played each team once, all their

results shall be declared null and void. If having played each team once, one point

and ten shots shall be awarded to each rink.

2.25 All outstanding matches shall be played before the final fixture.

3 Finals Day

3.1 County stickers shall be used.

3.2 The date shall be set as part of the Events Diary.

3.3 The League Manager shall complete the draw for rinks and opponents prior to Finals Day.

3.4 If needed, a preliminary round shall be played on Finals Day.

3.5 Presentations shall be in accordance with paragraph 1.12 above.

3.6 If inclement weather occurs on the day, the League Manager may play reduced


3.7 If the Finals Day is ‘rained-off’, no trophies shall be presented and prize monies

shall be shared equally between the qualifying teams.

3.8 If a team is not available for Finals Day or fails to attend the League Manager shall

have the authority to replace the defaulting team.

3.9 If a team is one player short, paragraph 2.9 above shall apply.

3.10 The Finals Day shall be completed on one day.

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